Guests’ endorsements authenticate our passion and commitment
to helping people craft truly memorable experiences.
Are you ready to have a lot of fun?!

Customer Enthusiasm Is Our Obsession.

We’re relentless in our pursuit to become the Okanagan’s most respected tour service brand, one of the region’s top employers, plus a best-managed Canadian company. To do this, we have established a rare culture that supports our employee-partners empowering them to deliver totally exceptional service and wonderfully unique experiences to our cherished guests. You will delight in our friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic employee-partners’ eagerness to serve as they help you fashion truly wonderful memories and uncork your thirst to know more.

We’ve been expecting you.

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our guests’ lives. You’ll be introduced to amazing people, enjoy authentic encounters, experience extra personal touches and carefully chosen little surprises that make CHEERS! unrivalled when it comes to guided tours.

Our tour vehicles are safe, clean and welcoming. Our tour guides – not so much – LOL! Very gracious customers say they’re…“Knowledgeable, entertaining, attentive, fun, funny, flexible, balanced, friendly, accommodating, fun and yet very professional, all-around awesome , a lot of laughs, photographic skills are on point, courteous, connected, careful, passionate about his(her) work, personable, pleasant, informative, charismatic, a wonderful personality, provided incomparable service, hilarious”.

Often, countless, unseen details are the only difference between mediocre and magnificent. At CHEERS! our commitment is doing a thousand little things right. We sweat the small stuff. Your mission is to have fun, learn and enjoy making new memories.

No One Can Whistle A Symphony.

It Takes An Orchestra To Play It.

At CHEERS! we are deeply committed to our people. We respect, we appreciate, and we value the men and women who come to work every day. By placing a high value on employee-partners’ needs, we create an environment in which those needs are met. We believe inspired people do their best work, stay with the company, and promote the company to their friends, family, and YOU, our guest.

We Can’t Spell S ccess Without U!

Please join us for a fun, friendly, informative, and truly memorable experience.

You are most welcome in our lives. You add diversity to our day and we truly want to get to know you.

“Seriously?! You need to Google yourself!!!”

At 55, as a hired tour guide in 2015, every day was fabulous. Practically every customer I served declared they’d had “the best time of their lives” or their tour was “an exceptional experience”. Who doesn’t like a compliment for a job well done? Confidently, I started asking folks, “Are you ready to have a lot of fun?!” Part way through the season, with the tour van nearly full, I picked up my last couple before heading to the wineries. Suddenly Wendy exclaimed, “Oh Allen, I’m so glad it’s you!” Suspiciously I asked, “What makes you say that?” Enthusiastically, she responded, “You’re an internet sensation!” Caught by surprise in a van full of people, “What are you talking about?” I inquired politely. Incredulously Wendy responded, “Seriously?! You need to Google yourself!!!” When I got home later, I did. I was unaware satisfied customers were posting absolutely awesome reviews about me and their tour experiences online. I altered my greeting by letting everyone know I always get 5/5 reviews. Raising their expectations and my accountability, everyone knew they were in for an exceptional experience. I was really having too much fun helping people have fun, learn about wine, the Okanagan and creating great memories.

We totally scored with our incredibly knowledgeable and hilarious guide Allen. He is a cornucopia of awesomeness.”

Scott & Wendy K. Bow Island, AB August 2015

“You were made for this!”

Effecting positive change and making a genuine difference in people’s lives has always been exceptionally rewarding. In my leadership career the praises I appreciated the most were from employees and their families. As an international humanitarian, disadvantaged people’s gratitude in emerging nations brought me to tears. Adopting two orphans, training them up and watching them volunteer in orphanages themselves – more tears. Wow. That’s all balanced by just as many mistakes – just ask Lou, my awesome wife of 36 years. Like choosing to have my son born in an earthquake-ravaged, cockroach-infested “hospital” in a developing country. Did I mention Lou is awesome?

As the 2015 season closed the idea for Cheers was forming. With a credible reputation for being driven to find the best possible outcomes for all (employees, customers, vendors & company) along with lofty ideals like, “Customer Enthusiasm Is My Obsession” and “Perfection Is Our Goal, Excellence Will Be Tolerated” Lou said, “You were made for this!”

“Allen is a man of compassion and integrity… a natural leader and teacher. He successfully created and implemented training programs for the company… Personally, he helped me grow as a leader.”

Sharon D., Manager, RONA Home and Garden

“Laughing all the way”

I had the good fortune of being asked if I wanted a drink in a Calgary bar. Allen and the bartender, a school chum of mine, had decided I needed to loosen up and have a drink with this handsome fella namely Allen. Five months later we were married and that was the beginning of my life laughing all the way. Allen does make me laugh every day. He serves me food so I don’t have to go into the kitchen. I know we have one, but I’m sure it just came with the house. When we travel to far and wide places, He is the one I count on for all the details. All our luggage has caught up with us and I think Allen had a hand in that too. We have raised 3 beautiful kind and loving adult children. They learned it all from Dad. I really like a good time and Wine Tours has given me that experience from the moment I pick up the phone to book a trip or drive up to the door to collect my guests. Love this valley and showing it off. Really like wine too. On our days off we go to the same wineries we take you to and sample the new wines. What is not to love about this?

“Exceptional Service!…Our tour guide Lou was very professional and accommodating. She went above and beyond to make our day fabulous!”

T. Kempf Waterloo, ON June 2015

“We were blessed with Lou as our guide. Not only did she arrange for a variety of wineries to suit our desires, she gave us a great overview of the area. By the time we reached our first winery, we felt so welcomed and comfortable, it was if we had known her for a lifetime.”

Kathleen, Rancho Murieta, California May 2015