“I care.” is Allen’s “why”. Achieving positive change and making a genuine difference in people’s lives has always been exceptionally rewarding to him. In his leadership career the praises he appreciated the most were from employees and their families he was able to help. As an international humanitarian, disadvantaged people’s gratitude in emerging nations always brought him to tears.  Adopting twin Haitian orphans, training them up as global citizens and then observing them volunteer in orphanages themselves – more tears. Allen’s amazing team of employee/partners and he are shamelessly obsessed with delivering extraordinary guest experiences. The opportunity to earn the privilege of each guest’s trust and commerce is intensely fulfilling.

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When you meet Lou you instantly feel you found your best friend. Every detail of your experience has been thought about and Lou makes it her mission for you to feel you are the most special person in her day. She finds ways to encourage you with her uplifting words. “By the time we reached our first winery, we felt so welcomed and comfortable, it was if we had known her for a lifetime.” Lou is very authentic, genuine and sincere. She’ll flaunt a too-large ring and ask you if you noticed it. Laughter follows and you have found her weakness.

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Getting a jump on a lifetime of adventure, Reign was born in an earthquake-ravaged, cockroach-infested “hospital” with intermittent electricity. Twice the size of indigenous newborns along with a radio announcer’s voice, the nurses exclaimed, “It’s a man!!!” Raised in Baguio City, Philippines, Barbados and western Canada, his love of adventure and travel never wanes. Self-employed and a philanthropist from 9 years of age, Reign has gathered a varied set of skills from retail sales to Commercial Diving (underwater construction). Reign enjoys fitness, shooting sports along with making personal and business connections while out and about in the community. Moreover, he greatly enjoys a good haircut and beard trim. Look for “The_Bearded_Wino” on Instagram and @TheBeardedWino on Facebook (2)


Gaining his initial taste of digital media in the health and wellness industry, Derrick officially began his career as a Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator in the top-tier real estate space. Always keeping adventure close as he traveled all over the Western Hemisphere, Derrick organically found himself at home in Kelowna, BC. This is where his unique adventure and tourism media work developed from side-hustle passion to a one-of-a-kind career. Perhaps it all makes sense as “Life is short & the world is wide” has always been his personal mantra. In his free time you can find Derrick practicing his hobbies of photography, kayaking, golfing and indulging his inner foodie.

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Born and raised in Kelowna, Chelssie studied art and business in Indonesia, and went on to work in television as a presenter and musician. With her concrete business acumen and limitless entrepreneurial drive, she then successfully managed her own tour and travel business in Bali while continuing to serve as a fitness trainer. Through her success Chelssie enjoyed numerous opportunities to give back to the community through fundraising events, often with her daughter by her side every step of the way. On one such event they proudly raised money for an orphanage that needed a new building and sustainable food programs. Now happily back to her roots in the Okanagan, Chelssie joined the Cheers team and is active in the community sharing her strengths including networking, support and expressing her love of the Okanagan!



Once upon a time, a little girl travelled yearly from Saskatchewan to Vancouver to visit her Grandma. Absolutely captivated by the breath-taking beauty of Kalamalka Lake the little girl vowed, “One day, I’m going to live on that lake.” After 40 years of dreaming, Gayle now joyously lives on Kalamalka Lake with its distinctive indigo and cyan hues. Blending her career accomplishments in sales, tourism, public service, longstanding enthusiasm for the Okanagan, passion for travel, and discovering new “things”, along with a spectacular personality makes Gayle an exceptional tour guide. She loves sharing laid back days with friends discovering new wines, markets, shops, festivals, unique eateries and pubs.

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Born and raised in British Columbia, Michael was a professional bartender for many years in Vancouver and is a natural entertainer! Michael’s interests include film, videography, fiction, and playwriting, fitness and gaming. He loves the beautiful Okanagan Valley and thoroughly enjoys playing host for people from all over the world. Exemplary reviews confirm Michael’s flair at being the consummate host and entertainer. On a “mommy’s day out” tour, the ladies exclaimed, “…the wineries were a bonus!!!!” Michael artfully blends his charismatic storyteller side with empathy and is just as good a listener as a communicator. Yes, you can take Michael home with you.

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A truly multicultural Canadian, Peter is part Chinese, part Ukrainian, mostly Dutch… and did I mention that his wife is Polish? Starting life as a fighter pilot’s son followed by a career in software development has seen Peter living in a dozen different places across Canada as well as in London, England. After raising three children while caring for disabled parents, all under one roof (with the loving support of his partner), Peter has been embracing Kelowna and the surrounding area full on. He feels that the Okanagan is the most beautiful place in which he’s lived and that sharing it with others is everything but “work”. Beautiful landscape, terrific food, wonderful wine, and interesting conversation will all be a part of a tour with Peter.



Very personable and gifted at connecting with people from all walks of life, Brian is a pleasant, natural guide. Originally from Kimberly, BC, Brian gave much of his working life as a Professional Engineer in challenging oil-drilling operations in the Arctic. Blessed with the ability to work in demanding environments and simultaneously be relatable, Brian returned to the Kootenays and gave 5 years as a High School Educational Assistant. Relocating to Vernon in 2016, he built a house and moved his aging parents here. Brian loves building stuff, timber frame, chainsaw milling, welding, etc. Plus he loves sports, especially mountain biking and skiing.

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David is an energetic, outgoing, recent retiree after enjoying an amazing 38.5-year career in banking. He unquestionably enjoys making people happy, just ask his wonderful wife Laurie! David loves to cook, play golf and has been a home wine maker for over 30 years. A self-taught gourmet home chef, he recently acquired his W-Set Level 1 Award in Wines Certificate to better understand how to select and pair wine and food. He’s been told over and over that he could pass as a “Doppelganger” for celebrity chef Guy Fieri. David looks forward to taking you on a tour that excites your taste buds and allows you to experience all that our award-winning Okanagan wineries have to offer.

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Since relocating to the beautiful Okanagan from the Greater Toronto Area, Pam found her niche and loves working with the Cheers team as a tour guide. She enjoys travelling, singing, aqua-fit, hiking, skiing and walking dogs. Whether it’s a carpool karaoke song, a local hiking trail or a great ski spot, she makes great recommendations. Pam is a qualified guide who’ll make your experience memorable while her infectious personality and smile will elevate your day. Her free spirit and openness will keep you relaxed and engaged as she reveals the Okanagan way of life while delivering exceptional, personal service.

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Cal has lived in the Okanagan for the past forty-five years and enjoys an extensive knowledge of the valley and all that it has to offer. Recently retired from his accounting career he is excited by the opportunity to share his wide-ranging familiarity of the Okanagan with Cheers’ guests. Avid travelers, he and his wife have experienced numerous tours giving him firsthand knowledge of what makes a tour interesting, fun, informative, and unforgettable. If you’re looking for things to do, Cal has lots of suggestions for restaurants, wineries, golfing, skiing, boating and sightseeing, plus he knows a lot of the local favourites for a broad range of interesting activities.

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