Kelowna Rocket’s Hockey Game Shuttle – 2023/2024

Return transportation to and from the Kelowna Rockets Hockey game from Big White and SilverStar.

PRIVATE Ice Hockey Shuttle up to 5 guests $795
(Fare $530.28 + Fuel $106.86 + Gratuity $120 + GST $37.86 = $795)
PRIVATE Ice Hockey Shuttle up to 14 guests $995
(Fare $684.28 + Fuel $143.34 + Gratuity $120 + GST $47.38 = $995)
PRIVATE Ice Hockey Shuttle up to 24 guests $1,195
(Fare $833.18 + Fuel $184.91 + Gratuity $120.00 + GST $56.91 = $1,195)
Shuttle departs Cenres at 5:30 or 4:00 to go into Kelowna early to enjoy dinner before the game.

Game ticket not included.
WHL Regular Season opens on Friday, September 22, 2023.

We used Cheers! for two trips during our 8-day stay in Big White.

“On Saturday night, we used Cheers! for a transfer for 6 down to Kelowna to go to the Ice Hockey (Really, you need to go!). To describe our driver Cal as Fantastic is a significant understatement. He was on time, he was informative on Kelowna, the Okanagan Valley, things we did not know about Big White (and some tips on where to ski, and even made a recommendation on where to eat before the game).

He teed up with us where to meet after the game (and chatted to us when we ran into him at the game!)
and explained the intricate details of the game that we didn’t understand (mostly the fights).
He was so charming, we specifically asked for him to be our guide when we did
the private wine tour a few days later (no skiing in -24 C).

Again, a consummate professional, a great ambassador for Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley,
and took us to 4 great wineries so we got to see “Commercial” down to incredibly boutique, and also to see more of Kelowna.
Great communication with the Cheers! office in all our bookings too.
Cal is a Star! Ask for him. Highly Highly Highly recommended!

Kirk M.
Brisbane, Australia