Big White Airport Shuttle

Award-winning Independent Tour and Transportation Company delivering safe, clean, comfortable reliable shuttle service between the Kelowna Airport (YLW) and Big White Ski Resort. Shuttles operate daily throughout the 2019/2020 ski/board season.

Upfront All-Inclusive Pricing. No Unwelcome Surprises. No Hidden Fees.

Guests One-way Fare Total Return Fare Total
1 guest: $360 per person $360 $460 per person $460
2 guests: $180 per person $360 $230 per person $460
3 guests: $120 per person $360 $154 per person $462
4 or more: $90 per person $360 $115 per person $460


One Way Fare: $74 base fare + $11.71 gratuity + $4.29 tax = $90

Return Fare: $94 base fare + $15.52 gratuity + $5.48 tax = $115

All prices are in Canadian dollars. 

Private one-way shuttle from YLW to Big White is $795 all-in. Click Here to Book

Private one-way shuttle from Big White to YLW is $795 all-in. Click Here to Book

Private return shuttles available for $1,495 all-in. Click Here to Book

Private Luxury SUV one-way transportation from YLW to Big White is $795 all-in. Click Here to book

Private Luxury SUV one-way transportation from Big White to YLW is $595 all-in. Click Here to book

Private Luxury SUV return transportation available for $1395 all-in. Click Here to Book

*Private is defined as your group only. SUVs hold up to 6 passengers.

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    Complimentary Grocery Stop

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    Complimentary Liquor Stop

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    Grocery and Liquor Pre-order Available

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    Complimentary Child Safety Seats

Luggage allowance: 1 carry-on, 1 suitcase and 1 set of ski or board equipment per person 

If your group is going to or from the hill on multiple days please send us an email and we will assist you personally. 

Minimum 24 Hour advance booking is required.

Pet Friendly

For more information, please call +1-250-717-8452 08:00 – 22:00 PST or email [email protected] 

Sights to experience on the way to Big White.

We will exit the Airport and turn South down Hwy 97, whisking through the commercial district of North Kelowna. You may notice Kelowna has one of the only HOV(High Occupancy Vehicle) ‘Right’ Lanes in Canada. Most are on the left.

It will be just 7 or 8 minutes before turning left on BC Highway 33. Know as Rutland Road in Kelowna and the Rock Creek Highway outside of Kelowna, as it leads to Rock Creek, BC at the junction of Hwy 3.

With a grocery and liquor stop, we will stop in Rutland just before Rutland Road only 15 minutes from the Airport.

We’ll then continue Eastbound on Hwy 33 up through Brighton, Toovey Heights and eventually Black Mountain, where on your right (during the day), you will see Layer Cake Mountain.

Layer Cake is a volcanic land form composed primarily of Dacite [day-site], volcanic rock with a high silica content. It shows unique layering that has not been seen anywhere else in the world.

Devastating 2003 Okanagan Mountain Park Fire

This is also an area where the devastating forest fire raged through, in 2003, which led to the destruction of 239 homes in the Upper Mission. Most of those homes were in the Kettle Valley and Crawford Estates areas. Twelve wooden and two metal trestles in historic Myra Canyon were also damaged or destroyed. More than 33,000 people were evacuated; 4,000 of those were sent packing a second time as fires raged around them. At one point, it seemed people within the city were either out of their home, or hosting someone who was. The army was sent in to help battle the fires, setting up a makeshift camp on the Apple Bowl and Parkinson Rec Centre fields. At the height of the blaze, which burned through 26,500 hectares, firefighters on the front lines estimated the wall of flame to be up to 400 metres high.

Okanagan Lake and Joe Rich

As long as we aren’t socked in fog you will also get a cheater view of Okanagan Lake from here back to your right.

Okanagan lake is a warm lake over 135kms long and at it’s deepest points is up to 761ft deep. In some points the lake is up to 4kms wide and is also home to the world famous Ogopogo sea monster.

Once the lake has disappeared behind us, we’ll be travelling through Black Mountain and then Joe Rich. This fertile Valley is named after the trapper and prospector who settled there prior to 1900. Joe Rich made his home there for many years, but is said to have been a convicted horse thief.

Only 20-25 minutes away from Big White Road now. We’ll hang a left there and continue the climb.

It’s about 15-20 minutes to the first chair on your left. GEM Lake Express.

10-15 minutes later, we will arrive at your lodging.

Welcome to Big White!!