SilverStar Airport Shuttle

Award-winning Independent Tour and Transportation Company delivering safe, clean,
comfortable reliable shuttle service between the Kelowna Airport (YLW) and SilverStar Mountain Resort.

Shuttles operate daily throughout the 2021/2022 ski/board season.

Upfront All-Inclusive Pricing. No Unwelcome Surprises. No Hidden Fees.

Shared One-Way Fare Total Return Fare Total
1 guest: $80 per person $80 $115 per person $115 BOOK NOW
Private One-Way Fare Total Return Fare Total
1 guest: $100 per person $100 $185 per person $185 BOOK NOW
Private Up / Shared Down Return Fare Total
1 guest: $160 per person $160 BOOK NOW
VIP Private One-Way Fare Return Fare
Up to 5 guests $620.00 per vehicle $1,245.00 per vehicle
Up to 10 guests $830.00 per vehicle $1,660.00 per vehicle BOOK NOW
Up to 24 guests $1,035.00 per vehicle $2,075.00 per vehicle
Intermountain One-Way Fare Total Return Fare Total
4 or more guests: $160.00 per person $600.00 $320.00 per person $1,280.00 BOOK NOW
SilverStar to/from Big White, Revelstoke or Sun Peaks.

All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD) and include the fare, fuel, tax and driver’s gratuity.

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Luggage allowance: 1 carry-on, 1 suitcase and 1 set of ski or board equipment per person. Additional pieces of luggage are $20 per piece.

If your group is going to or from the hill on multiple days please send us an email and we will assist you personally. 

Minimum 24 Hour advance booking is required.

Pet Friendly

For more information, please call +1-250-717-8452 08:00 – 22:00 PST or email [email protected] 

Sights to experience on the way to SilverStar.

We will exit the Airport and turn North up Hwy 97, where you will have spectacular views off the left side of the shuttle.

In just a couple minutes, the first view is that of Ellison Lake (AKA Duck Lake).

Ellison Lake is a popular Large Mouth Bass fishing lake in the winter and spring months.

Highway 97 / Route 97

The SilverStar Airport Shuttle will take you North, up Highway 97 which is the longest continuously numbered route in BC, (and the longest provincial highway in any province), running 2,081 km (1,293 mi) from the Canada–United States border near Osoyoos in the south to the British Columbia/Yukon boundary in the north at Watson Lake, Yukon. The route takes its number from U.S. Route 97, with which it connects at the international border.

Wood Lake

A lake in a chain of five major lakes which occupies portions of the Okanagan Valley The lakes of the Okanagan Valley were formed about 8900 years ago. Wood Lake is immediately south of Kalamalka Lake and in 1908 was connected to it by a dredged channel (the Oyama canal). Situated between Oyama and Winfield, it has a solid reputation for rainbow trout fishing. The lake is named after Tom Wood, who settled on the south end of the lake around 1860.

The dry climate and suitable soil has encouraged development of a substantial tree fruit industry around the lake and throughout the valley. The upper watershed is heavily forested and has been logged for several decades. The lower elevation of the watershed is described as a Ponderosa pine/bunchgrass area.

Kalamalka Lake

This large lake is approximately 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) south of Vernon. It’s named for the Okanagan Indian chief who occupied its northern shores.

At different times of the year the colour of the lake can range from cyan to indigo, in different spots at the same time, earning the lake the moniker “lake of a thousand colors”, and landing it at #3 Most Beautiful Lakes in the world by National Geographic. The colour of the water is derived from light scattering, caused by the precipitation of calcite(CaCO3).

The lake is popular for beach goers, water sports entusiasts and is also world famous for Kokanee Salmon Fishing.


40 minutes from the airport, we’ll arrive at our grocery stop in Vernon, then head South on 48th Avenue/SilverStar Road. 20 minutes later, we’re here.

Welcome to SilverStar Resort.